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Daniel P. Bigman, PhD

Dr. Bigman received his PhD from the University of Georgia and is an expert in non-invasive subsurface mapping and 3D imaging. His graduate research focused on the applications of near-surface geophysics to archaeological and historical contexts and has since taught at several universities in Georgia. He has collaborated with scholars across the southeastern United States on innovative research pertaining to applied geophysics and damage prevention, especially as it relates to the protection of cultural resources. The results of these projects have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals of international reputation.

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Bigman Geophysical, LLC is an Atlanta based firm devoted to expanding the overall usage and applicability of shallow geophysical prospection while promoting higher standards of practice. We aim to achieve this goal by providing high-quality surveyconsulting services, and technical training. Poorly conducted surveys, errors in data interpretation, and miscommunication with the public about the limitations of applied geophysics continues to increase public skepticism. This is why Bigman Geophysical, LLC provides a rigorous training program for its employees in both applied geophysics and work site safety, as well as consults with leading experts in soil science, geology, engineering, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

We utilize a wide range of geophysical techniques to characterize the subsurface and locate targets ranging in size, chemical composition, and physical properties. We take a solution based approach and select a unique set of physical properties to measure depending on the geological context, the target material, and expected responses to the instrumentation. Furthermore, Bigman Geophysical, LLC welcomes projects on complicated sites with diverse soils that are logistically difficult for data collection. Our experts use a variety of methods such as ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction/conductivity, and magnetometry.


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