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The use of non-invasive geophysical survey techniques can limit the damage to historical, cultural, and environmental resources in a wide variety of projects and industries. Bigman Geophysical is committed to expanding the use and quality of geophysical survey through training and to raise awareness of the potential benefits of geophysical survey. Through our in-depth onsite training utilizing your equipment or through accessing our exclusive webinar series from your home or office, Bigman Geophysical seeks to make training in the use and applications of geophysical survey accessible and approachable to everyone.

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Do you own a GPR or other geophysical survey tools and want to educate your team? Call or email us to find out how we can come to you and perform specialized training on your equipment tailored for your industry and needs. We can train you in the field and in data processing using your software. Call or email us to start building your individualized training package now!

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Bigman Geophysical’s work at Oakland Cemetery profiled in the SaportaReport

Some 872 probable human remains have been discovered in the African American section of Atlanta…

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More than 800 unmarked African-American graves found at Oakland Cemetery – Atlanta INtown Paper

Oakland Cemetery has discovered more than 800 unmarked graves in the African-American section o…

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What Secrets Lie Beneath? Discoveries at Oakland Cemetery

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The News-Reporter: Cadaver dogs find several gravesites at Kettle Creek battlefield core area

Earlier this month, cadaver dogs identified four possible gravesites on and around the War Hill…

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Bigman Geophysical Uses Cadaver Dogs to Locate Fallen Revolutionary War Soldiers

On December 15th, 2015 Bigman Geophysical was hired to conduct a search for an historic cemetery …

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Bigman Geophysical locates 140 unmarked burials at historic cemetery

RTC funds imaging project to locate unmarked graves in Anderson Cemetery
Recently, Ringgold Te…

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Do you want to learn how to locate the invisible?

Bigman Geophysical provided excellent service, and was extremely responsive to our rapidly changing project needs; their staff repeatedly mobilized quickly and on very short notice to help us evaluate multiple project alternatives. We were very pleased with results and will definitely use them again in the future.

– Paul, TRC

Bigman Geophysical offered a unique solution for my project.  I was investigating buried debris on a residential housing development where mass borings would have been prohibitively expensive.  Due to Dr. Bigman’s unique expertise in archaeology, he was able to delineate the underground debris limits while saving project time and cost. Throughout my 15 years in the design/construction industry, I have yet to find anyone to provide me with this level of service.

– David, civilogistix